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Aksra Hun Lakon Lek at Aksra Theatre (Bangkok)


Operating day: Tuesday - Sunday
Operating time: 13.00 - 22.00

Aksra Theatre is situated on 3rd floor of King Power Complex Building, Rangnam Road, Khet Ratchathewi.  Aksra Theatre is a medium size theatre with 600 seats It is embellished with the majestic decoration that draws its essence from Thai traditional art and interior. It provides a fully and advanced equipped stage that can host spectacular performances and events. Attached to Aksra Theatre are Scene Shop, a souvenir shop and Scene Bar, a bar with a panoramic terrace. 
          At the present, Aksra Theatre organises the various performances of Thai Puppets together with Thai Orchestra Band. Combined with stage technique and classical dance, the elaborated scenes that tell diverse stories taken from Ramakien epic. 
           The show time: Tuesday- Friday: 19.00 hrs  Saturday-Sunday: 13.00, 19.00 hrs. Closed on Monday  The admission fee is  800 baht/ person    
           More information please contact tel. 02 677 8888 ext. 5678     www.Aksratheatre.com
          How to get there: Taking  BTS Skytrain and  getting off at Vuctory Monument Station and then walking  to Rang Nam Road  within  10 mins or Taking Bus no. 73, 204 and  getting off near by Rang Nam Road

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